Award-Winning, Internationally Published Photographer 

Serving the Metro Detroit Area and Beyond

 I have as much passion for music as I do photography.  As a musician myself, I know the importance of good photography and promotional material for your work.  Over the last several years I've worked with many talented musicians in the area of many genres, I have experience in providing a creative and unique image that other photographers can't match while at the same time providing enough material that it'll look like there are multiple photographers.  I've have experience with high profile gigs, such as the 2016 Official Movement Afterparty, in which I was responsible for the flyer image and 3 stages of photography simultaneously and have work regularly with clients such as M!X Bricktown, Underground Mafia, Andy Ford Presents..., If All Else Fails, The Ameliorated Entity and more. 

  My services average at $300 per hour ($200 as a special for the winter) and they include everything from live shooting, promo pictures, meet & greets, album covers, video (extra fee), and more. Take a look at some of my previous work and inquire below.