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Click here for gallery pictures with Cygnus Regulus Powers, the domestic cat with the world's longest tail at the GFA's 12th Annual Pet Adoption Expo Event

This was originally going to be an event where you could get your picture taken with the worlds tallest cat and the cat with the longest tail.  

This event has unfortunately been canceled due to a house fire in which the cats have all went missing.

Update 11/30/17: PLEASE SHARE, many sightings aren't being called in due to people not knowing about the fire and the missing cats.

There have been two new sightings of Arcturus Aldebaran Powers in the Farmington Hills, Michigan area. Also one of Cygnus Regulus Powers! Nobody has managed a photo of either but have described a "brown ocelot" or a "incredibly tall and big spotted brown cat". 

Please be on the lookout for the cats and if you see them get a photo and call it in immediately to the numbers on the flyers. Do not chase them!. Simply take a photo and call ASAP.

Click here for gallery pictures with Arcturus Aldebaran Powers, the world's tallest domestic cat at the GFA's 12th Annual Pet Adoption Expo Event

Event Date: November 2017