Written by Stephanie Madison of ART DETROIT, 2017

"In December of 2013, Chris Ahern started submitting photographs to local, nationwide and international contests, often getting into the Top 10 of thousands, which was a key inspiration in turning his lifelong hobby into a professional business.

Known for his creative eye, unique editing style and professional, gentle, easy to work with personality, Chris began to quickly grow success from his passion on a diverse range of photography platforms. 

As his vibrant, peaceful landscape and architecture shots went viral, Chris began to make his work available for purchase at venues such as Eastern Market, The Rustbelt Market, Detroit Art Collective, Cranbrook Science Museum and more, eventually leading to his own gallery at MIX Bricktown (641 Beaubien St) which has now been in the top 5 galleries of Metro Detroit for two years in a row. 

In 2016, Chris blew up on in the local scene and over social media, gaining over 20,000 followers, recieving an award and 8ftx10ft banner from the Detroit Institute of Arts and Canvas Pontiac and having heavy responsiblility for events such as Charivari, Movement Afterparties, Elive Entertainment's New Years Eve DBall Drop and creating art shows and galleries at Schramm's Mead and Catfe Lounge.

While spending the over half of the 2017 year wiring the new Little Caesars Arena's broadcast cabling system, up to 74 hours a week, Chris still kept active in his business achievements. This included winning an award from the Madison Heights City Council, having wardrobe, glasses and hair styles inspired by his work that was featured in several fashion shows, working on high profile projects such as with ALPA, IBEW and the muslim ban protests and working with the production crew for FOX Sports for some of the biggest football games of 2017, such as MI v. OSU, Lions Thanksgiving, MSU v. Penn State and more." 


As this company continues to grow, I'm looking to expand or create partnerships.  If you are interested in joining the team at Chris Ahern Photography LLC in any way, please contact me. 

The Future

Though I try to do the shooting, editing, website building, advertising, marketing, distribution, shipping, promotions, vending, merchandise layout creation, etc, by myself, I've occasionally had to call on reliable help and assistance.

  I want to thank Miriam Silverstein, Lynda Carter, Robert 'Uneek" Courtney, Janine Ward, Steph & Erica Madison at Art Detroit, Lisa Kirkland at IvySkyCreations, Jeff Tenbroeck at J10 Marketing, Ben Nowak at NWSH Photography, Matt Sobolewski at Matt Sobo Photo, Mark Mcdaniel Burton of Frame.ography, Charlie Kee at Premier Printer Lab, Andy Davis and Ken James at Detroitshirtguys and Rick Pink at Elive Entertainment for helping me out over the years on various parts of this project to make it what it is today.

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