Chris Ahern Photography 2017

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2014 Favorites (Metro Detroit)

This album covers the times of 2014 before and after my 6 month road trip to California.  The first half covers a point where I was going through some cabin fever with no car, a broken elbow and a polar vortex and ready to escape.  The second half covers a point where I was so homesick and done with the obnoxiousness of California (No offense, California) I drove back nearly nonstop with a new eternal gratefulness for our gloomy, bankrupt city. 

2013 Favorites

My early work. The Classics. Material from the first generation of this website.  The shots that prove that you don't need to spend thousands on equipment or spend years on schooling to get started on building an empire, get attention and come in the top 10 of thousands in national photography contests.   Much more equipment, knowledge and experience later, some of the shots seen here are some of my most in demand pictures for canvas sales.